Public Displays of Affection, 2024

Unable to go out and take photos as I normally would, I started collecting old 35mm film slides from secondhand stores. Since physical contact was a prominent topic of conversation during that time, I became interested in exploring how people expressed touch in the past, particularly outside the privacy of their own homes. From nearly 1,000 slides, I distilled a select few for the photo book titled “Public Displays of Affection.” Through this project, I aim to present a visual narrative that encourages viewers to explore the power of physical touch in their own relationships with friends, family, and lovers.
Captions, ongoing

In Captions, I aim to adapt digital wordplay into physical interactive pieces that capture emotion through efficiency and clever presentations. 

Six Feet, 2020

Selected for Viral Influence: Art in the Time of Coronavirus at the Arvada Center, Six Feet is my attempt to capture the memories made, moments missed, stories told, and time lost by presenting 36 images on slide film in a six-foot-long light box.
Currents, 2020 (postponed)

Scheduled to open at ReCreative Denver in 2020, Currents is a solo exhibition I curated of work by Justin Ankenbauer. It explores how the layers and interactions of shapes present in his work are similar to those that exist in currents. Viewers are encouraged to explore Ankenbauer’s process across traditional media, experience how those processes have been applied to new media, and create their own forms and relationships through play in his interactive multimedia installations.
Noticer, ongoing
Artist & Publisher

Infrequently collected in zine format, Noticer is my ongoing documentation of everyday life. It is driven by my curiosity and desire to record the stories that exist in scenes of emptiness and moments of isolation.
in the in-between, 2018
Artist & Publisher

Released as part of a two-day pop-up exhibit at Alto Gallery in Denver, in the in-between was a photography study and book focused on celebrating the beauty of everyday things and the healing process that photography provides. Made in collaboration with artist Risa Friedman, it collected what we had seen and how we had grown in times of feeling in the in-between. Copies available here.
Phile, 2018
UI/UX Designer 

An iOS app, Phile is the easiest way to save recommendations from friends. Quickly and easily add movies, tv shows, books, music, and more all in one convenient location. Phile automagically shows you all you need to know like reviews, showtimes, ratings, and trailers and is currently free to download in the App Store.
Guile, 2013
Designer & Publisher

Designed and published in 2013 under my label, Terra Nova Games, Guile is a medieval memory card game of deception and intrigue for two players. Players are either the noble King Arthur or the nefarious Sir Mordred, and the Knights of the Round Table are the instruments of your influence in Camelot. Your chosen knights will advance your schemes as you trace the web of subterfuge and manipulate it to your own ends. The victor will wield the most influence when each Knight's loyalties are revealed.
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